Andrea is excellent, she looks at your bodily needs and assesses your life style so she can give you the advice and help for you personally. I myself had a problem with my diet I thought I was doing well until she got me down the right road for my age by just changing to healthy eating and no processed food. plenty of veg, roasted with herbs, cooking with coconut oil, I would not have believed the change it made. If you need help just call her you wont be sorry.
I have been through a very stressful period recently and I contacted Andrea for help. I was suffering with fatigue, IBS and mood swings. Andrea has been very supportive and helped me change my diet to assist with my IBS symptoms and offered advice about supplements to help with hormonal issues which were affected by the stress. I cook all my meals from scratch now and am happy with my diet and feel so much healthier. My IBS is under better control and the Evening Primrose supplement Andrea recommended has really helped stabilise my moods. Please don't hesitate to contact Andrea as I am very grateful for her help and support.
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been taking Magnesium Citrate recently and the anxiety and insomnia I was experiencing has completely disappeared!!! I am hoping that spotting between periods will also stop too. Thanks for your advice. You’re doing a fab job in helping so many women navigate through these hormonal changes. And I am enjoying reading your book too xx
Thank you for allowing me to join the Group, Andrea. I bought some of your ebooks to help with my symptoms which has really helped. The herbal supplements maca root and Vitex, which you recommend, have helped make my irregular periods more regular, less pain too!
SOME YOU TUBE COMMENTS - "Everything you just said rings true for me right now in my life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom."

“Thank you! This is a good video and very clearly explains what is going on with my body now!!”

“You made me cry so much. Thank you for making me not feel alone. I’m so glad someone understands the anxiety I’m going through. Everyone I talk to doesn’t understand. Thank you so much.”

Thank you, first time i have this problem. I’m 51, got scared. You made me feel A LOT better. Love your accent, will take your advice. Subscribed. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!