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Under current legislation, health practitioners are not allowed to say that they treat anything that is not sanctioned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).  Any statements that we treat medical conditions, the ASA states, should be substantiated by “robust scientific evidence, such as clinical trials conducted on people”.  These trials require huge resources, taking many years to produce and costing many thousands of pounds for each and every condition.  To put this into context, only 11% of conventional medical practice has been shown to be effective by robust evidence, with a further 23% substantiated by less well-established evidence.  More than half of medical practice is not substantiated by evidence at all.  Nevertheless, the ASA does not allow complementary health practitioners to say that they treat anything.  Nor does it recognise trials and studies conducted into complementary therapies.

The Advertising Standards Authority has also expressed concern that people with serious medical conditions could be discouraged from seeking advice and treatment from a qualified medical practitioner.  I always encourage people to seek guidance from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.  It is their choice which course they follow having taken guidance.