Is your day to day life being affected by your hormones?

Are you having some of these symptoms?

  • Digestion Problems
  • Anxiety or Depression especially when you haven’t suffered with this before
  • Hot Flashes/Night Sweats
  • Mood Swings
  • Brain Fog
  • Insomnia
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Weight Gain
  • Fatigue

You might have even lost yourself and don’t recognise yourself when you look in the mirror.

I am right there with you. I have had brain fog, digestion problems that got very serious, bad skin issues and fatigue.  My period pain was so bad that I couldn’t stand up and I had to take a day off work every month!  I was taking the birth control pill for years causing a vitamin and mineral deficiency I wasn’t aware of.

I suffered from depression for years and I wasn’t living life to the full.  I was blocking my true self.  

I have been working on my own body and resetting my hormones, by studying womens hormones for the last 10 years +. 

I have learned what the main hormones are that can cause a lot of symptoms and issues.

A lot of women are doing all the wrong things for their health and wellbeing, and it’s not their fault.

Now I want to help you with yours, so you can look good and feel good inside and out and get on with your life with little disruption from your hormones.


You are ready to take back control of your life because you are sick and tired of looking and feeling this way, day after day?

You want to end the frustrations around dieting because they are not working and you end up back to square one because they didn’t work

Even if you think that you are eating healthy now, but it’s not working and you can’t seem to budge the fat around your body

You have been restricting your food, counting the calories, doing more exercise or the wrong type of exercise for you

You want quick and easy to prepare meals that taste delicious and satisfying and that are family friendly

You feel like nothing will ever change or work for you

You really struggle with being consistent and you need someone to help and support you


Work for you because I will be there to guide you and help you during the Course

Show you have to eat for healthy hormones and also how to keep your metabolism high with fasting and cycling your carbohydrates.

Ditch the diets and get sustainable results!

What foods, herbs and spices to eat for healthy hormones and to burn off your belly fat

What the 4 hormones are that are keeping you from losing belly fat and what is stealing your libido and a good nights sleep

Get toxins out of your life

Take care of your liver and digestive health

Create a healthy mindset for yourself, others and around food

Have more self care because you deserve it

Sleep better, have more energy and maintain your weight

Jean says – Andrea is excellent, she looks at your bodily needs and assesses your life style so she can give you the advice and help for you personally. I myself had a problem with my diet I thought I was doing well until she got me down the right road for my age by just changing to healthy eating and no processed food, plenty of veg, roasted with herbs, cooking with coconut oil.  I would not have believed the change it made. If you need help just call her you wont be sorry.

My plan is not another diet, I am sharing with you meals that can be tailored around you and your needs so you can create your own plan that will have lasting results.  

Once you find what works for you and your body, this can be a big game changer and you will see lasting results to last the rest of your life. 

You want to look and feel good inside and out, because you deserve it!

I can help and support you to build on what works for you and your body.

So, are you ready, then click the link below and let’s get started. 

You will have a call with me so I can assess your symptoms and your health history and then guide you on the best way to go through the Course specific to your needs.

I will send you videos explaining why you are having your symptoms and the different hormones involved

How your periods change during perimenopause

How your body changes in perimenopause and menopause and how this affects your fat loss

What you can do to maintain your weight, get more energy, control your mood swings, have more mental clarity and more happiness to spread around and much more


When you sign up to the course, I send you my application to fill in which will tell me more about your health history, what you eat right now, your exercise, how you live your life, your stress levels etc.  I will set up a call with you to talk more about your issues and to help and guide you through the course based on your specific needs.


In my Videos I will explain:

Why you are having your symptoms and what changes in your body during perimenopause and menopause. 

How your hormones are affecting your mood, digestion, weight maintenance, energy levels and sleep.

What foods you should eat and what foods to avoid in order to have healthy hormones and burn away belly fat.  You won’t believe just how simple this can be with no restrictions!

How to have a healthy gut and liver.

How to get toxins out of your life.

What supplements, herbs, spices and teas I recommend for healthy hormones and weight maintenance.

How sleep, lifestyle, mindset and the environment that you live in can affect your hormones, affect how you age, stop you from losing body fat and what to do to correct it.


Meal plans to support healthy hormones

Supports liver detox

Supports Adrenal glands

Supports thyroid

Supports healthy digestion

Continued weight maintenance

The meal plans contain lots of different recipes to suit everyones tastes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sweet treats and drinks. 

There are meals – if you eat meat, vegetarian meals, dairy free and gluten free recipes are included. 

They are all easy to make.  Yes, they do require a bit of preparation in advance but once you get the hang of the food preparation, it’s easy. 


I have included my Mindset ebook, which contains daily rituals and how to set up your day right.

When you can start your day in the right mindset, the impact will be amazing.  You can experience a good mood which will mean that you can go about your day and get things done more affectively.  This will have a positive effect on how you feel about yourself and how you interact with others too. 


When you can give yourself “self care”, you can then give the whole of yourself to others, because you will be much happier, more aware of yourself, have more energy, be more friendly and affectionate. 

Keep track of your “self care” every day by writing in a journal. 

Make sure that you make time for “You” and stop saying “Yes” to everything

You matter too!


Hormone Reset Workbook containing all the information from the videos and more information about foods, supplements, herbs etc.

My Food Intolerance Guide – to identify any food sensitivities

Healthy Hormone Checklist – to keep you on track of your daily meals

Healthy Hormone Food Cupboard – how to stock your kitchen

Seed Cycling For Your Menstruation Cycle

How To Have A Healthy Digestion

How to get toxins out of your life

Your Mindset Around Food

I will support you with your symptoms, meal planning, exercise plans.  You have access to me via the private Facebook group to answer any questions you may have.

Joanne says – I have been through a very stressful period recently and I contacted Andrea for help.  I was suffering with fatigue, IBS and mood swings.  Andrea has been very supportive and helped me change my diet to assist with my IBS symptoms and offered advice about supplements to help with hormonal issues which were affected by the stress.  I cook all my meals from scratch now and am happy with my diet and feel so much healthier.  My IBS is under better control and the Evening Primrose supplement Andrea recommended has really helped stabilise my moods. Please don’t hesitate to contact Andrea as I am very grateful for her help and support.


You will walk away feeling confident and empowered that YOU are able to get your hormones healthy

Know what foods to eat and avoid for better hormone balance and weight maintenance

It doesn’t involve complicated diets to follow or deprivation either.  You can still eat your favourite foods

How you can protect yourself from age related diseases

How you can recognise your symptoms and what you can do to keep on track as your hormone levels go up and down




Get clear on your WHY.  Why do you want to do this course?  Are you ready for changes? Do you want to commit to being the best version of you so you can live your life with all the benefits of being a healthy ageing woman.