Manage Anxiety In Perimenopause

This Course will help you to reduce your anxiety and understand why you are experiencing anxiety

You may be experiencing anxiety now as you go through perimenopause, even if it has not affected you before.

I put this course together so that you can find out why anxiety happens during perimenopause and how you can learn to control it.

This course will help you to:

  • Identify where your emotions are coming from
  • Stop your emotions from spiraling out of control
  • Feel more capable of handling your anxiety
  • Stop racing thoughts and calm your anxiety
  • Develop mindfulness by focusing on the present moment
  • Feel more confidence and in control of your emotions

This course will give you the tools that you need to bring more awareness around your anxiety in perimenopause, how to deal with negative emotions and identify your triggers that are causing your emotional rollercoaster.

I will teach you how to eat the right foods to feed your body and give you the building blocks it needs to cope with perimenopause hormone rollercoaster ride, to enable you to have less anxiety.  I will share with you what herbs and supplements you can add to your diet for extra support.

Emotions are not bad, we need them to survive and you should express them and trust them. Your emotions could save your life and help you to make decisions about your life.

You can gain control of your anxiety and emotions, especially when the feeling of fear or anxiety starts affecting your life.

Your emotions can also be telling you that there is some healing to be done.  You may have some past hurt or trauma that you have not dealt with fully.  

You are going through lots of chemical changes in your body and your brain and this can bring up emotions from your past or about what your future holds.

I have included some powerful tools that you can use to help control your anxiety and have more freedom during perimenopause.

When you know how to control your emotions and be more aware of them, it will free you to be able to go about your life and feel more empowered because you know how to manage them.

What Is Included In The Course?