You Need To Know This About Your Vagina In Menopause


What happens to your vagina in menopause?

Before menopause, your vagina has a very thick wall that’s full of wrinkles which contains folds of thick skin which secretes fluids that keep it lubricated

The thick, folded, lubricated skin allows your vagina to withstand all sorts of friction during intercourse.  

It allows it to stretch enough to deliver a baby and then it snaps right back to its happy thick, folded, lubricated state after all these things.

So you have probably gone through your entire reproductive life not really paying much attention to your vagina.

And then, along comes menopause and all this changes!

Did you know that estrogen is responsible for the thick wrinkly and lubricated wall of your vagina.

When you hit menopause, your estrogen takes a nose dive and your vagina will never be the same again.

And this is the time that you become more aware of your vagina.

When estrogen goes low at menopause, the thick wrinkly wall of your vagina becomes very thin and dry and intercourse can be a bit uncomfortable and painful.  The wrinkles flatten and smooth out, making it impossible for your vagina to stretch to accommodate a penis or lengthen during intercourse.

Your vagina is the only place where wrinkles are welcomed.  Your vagina can feel sore, be itchy or you can have light bleeding or mild discharge.  You are more prone to having urinary tract infections.


  • Dehydration from not drinking enough water
  • Certain Medications
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • High insulin levels from high blood sugar
  • Adrenal exhaustion or general burnout
  • Chronic stress
  • Insufficient foreplay

There is a chemical that is produced by your body, and when it is in your bloodstream, it can double your lubrication.

To make this chemical, your brain, gut, and pancreas have to work together.  So you need to be:

  • Moderately stress free
  • Have a healthy digestive system
  • And have a healthy blood sugar


Stay hydrated by drinking enough water every single day

If you are smoking or drinking too much, your vagina will thank you if you cut down or give up.

Pay more attention to what you are eating, take out the refined sugary foods, regular takeaways and supermarket bought ready meals. 

Pay close attention to your stress levels every day.

Come and join my 30 day Perimenopause and Menopause Class where I want to share with you everything that I did to get my symptoms under control, how I nourish my hormones not punish them, how to get more energy and so much more.

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If you are having lots of different symptoms, your body is yelling at you to get you to pay attention and to get it sorted out.  It can have a massive impact on your health going forward into midlife. 

I got really sick and I was shocked just how sick I was until I found the missing link to my health issues as a Nutritional Therapist spending years and years studying and researching women’s hormones.  I am still on my health journey today and I want to help you to heal and to get to the root of your symptoms. 

If you listen to your body now and get your symptoms under control, it can save you time and money in the long run. 

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What Is A Hormone Disruptor?


Hormones are your bodies messengers and they carry instructions to your cells.  They control a lot of your physiological processes that happen in your body. 

You have what is called a “receptor site” on each of your cells.  You can refer to this as your post box which is receiving the message from your hormones. 

There is another system involved in the delivering of these messages and that is your endocrine system.  Your endocrine system is the master controller of these post boxes and it controls your hormone activities. 

An endocrine disruptor is like someone gate crashing a party.  They think that they can jump onto your post boxes whenever they want to stop the delivery of your hormone message and that will not give the cell an instruction what to do. 


There are a lot of different endocrine disruptors and the most common ones are toxins.  These can be household cleaners, skin creams, hair care products, clothes washing products, scented candles, air freshners, kitchen utensils or plastics. 

I think that the biggest endocrine disruptor is refined sugar.


Refined sugar can decrease the good estrogen in your body. 

It can also stop you from losing weight/fat around your body

It can stop you from getting a good nights sleep

It can make you moody and irritable

It can give you brain fog

It can leave you feeling anxious or depressed.

When you have too much sugar in your bloodstream, your body will turn your good estrogen such as estradiol into a bad estrogen, which is a type of stress hormone.  It will then stop your body from being able to use your good estrogens. 

When you eat a lot of refined sugar in your diet, it can lead to the development of insulin resistance.  During perimenopause, you are more sensitive to refined sugars and this can happen very quickly.

Insulin resistance can go on to develop a hormone imbalance and you can experience some symptoms such as:

Sleep disruption, fatigue, trouble concentrating, feeling moody, irritable and depressed

Insulin resistance can make it so hard to burn your stored fat.

Insulin resistance means that your cells no longer listen to insulin knocking on its door to let the sugar inside your cells.  So this is why your blood sugar will then turn to fat because sugar cannot stay in your blood, it has to go somewhere.  If it can’t get into your cells, it gets stuffed into your fat cells.

What also happens when you combine refined sugar with fat, this will also cause a problem with getting sugar into your cells.  If there is too much fat in your cells, sugar can’t get inside. 

So it’s important to look at how you can reduce your refined sugar intake to help keep your body using the good estrogens and reduce stress hormone levels.  By reducing your refined sugar intake, you will also have less moodiness, irritability, anxious feelings or depression and be able to think more clearly and sleep better.  You will be able to maintain your weight much more effectively. 

Making an effort to reduce your refined sugar intake can be hard because sugar is addictive and it is contained in so many foods.  When you eat the sugar laden biscuits, you feel better because the sugar goes straight to your brains receptors. 

You can stop the sugar habit because I have done it myself.

It will help if you can reduce your stress levels.  Don’t let yourself get too hungry and always carry a healthy snack with you. 

Find other ways to satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy sugar such as fruit or a health bar.

An alternative sweetener is raw honey or stevia or monkfruit.

Get out your journal and write down how much refined sugar you are eating now.  You can then begin to take steps to stop buying those items. 

This takes practice and effort to stop the sugar habit.  There are so many healthy cakes and biscuits that you can make yourself, just don’t eat them all at once. 

Don’t struggle on your own with your hormone symptoms.  Let’s have a chat about it.  Set up a call with me HERE

For Perimenopause Relief – Support These 3 Systems


Perimenopause is the time when your hormones are slowly declining to get your body ready for menopause. 

This can put a bit of stress on your body and if your body is not supported during this time, then it can exacerbate your symptoms. 

When you can help your body go through this transition, it can really help reduce your symptoms.  Here are 3 systems that you would benefit supporting during this time. 


When you were younger, you could get away with late night pizza or drinking binges.  Now your body is more sensitive to sugar.  The key is to keep your blood sugar stable with nutrient dense foods.

The spikes and dips of blood sugar can also make you feel moody and irritable and want to eat unhealthy carbohydrates.  Sugar can also contribute to an unhealthy gut flora.  You want your gut to be healthy to be able to clear out excess hormones. 

Make sure you are eating regular meals and not restricting, including enough protein in every meal and have some healthy snacks on hand to stop you from snacking on unhealthy foods. 

You could have fruit for snacks.  Eat chia porridge with mixed in protein powder and topped with lots of fruit.  Make delicious and hearty soups to warm up or put in a flask to eat on the go. 


Your adrenals are two glands that sit on top of your kidneys, either side of your lower back.  They will take over your hormone production at menopause so it is so important to keep them nourished and not to stress them out

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes, not just being stressed out at work,  The blood sugar spikes as mentioned above is a stress.  The food you eat, exercise, mindset, lifestyle are all stress.  Get to bed by 10pm and get plenty of sleep.


When hormones have done their job, they need to exit out of the body with the help of your liver and digestive tract.  When you have excess hormones circulating around your blood or toxins that can mimic hormones, this can lead to perimenopause symptoms. 

Your liver breaks down toxins and goes through 2 phases in order for this to happen.  It has to have certain nutrients to be able to do this effectively.  They then need to be eliminated from your body via your digestive tract.  It is really important that you are going to poop regularly for this to happen. 

To help your digestive tract, your gallbladder needs to be able to make bile so that the toxins can travel from your liver to your colon.  Natural sources of fat are needed to make bile such as nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut oil. 

Some foods to nourish your liver are beetroot, carrots, lemon, dandelion, nettle root, broccoli, onions and garlic.

There are more things you can do to help reduce your perimenopause and menopause symptoms and if you are struggling with yours and don’t seem to be able to get them under control, get in touch with me and let’s have a chat about it. 

I help women every day to find solutions to their symptoms.   

Send me an email – or fill our your application on the “Book A Call With Me” page on my website.

How Does A Woman’s Body Change In Perimenopause?

Perimenopause can start any time after the age of around 35 and this transition can go on until your reach aged 50-55, which is the average age of menopause.

The transition from perimenopause to menopause is a natural transition but it can bring on some unpleasant symptoms such as:

🌷Hot flashes/night sweats


🌷Weight gain

🌷Sleepless nights

🌷Brain fog


🌷Heavy periods

There are others but I think these are the main symptoms.

You will also become more sensitive to stress and the way you process stress (anxiety or mood swings, sleepless nights). You will be more sensitive to how sugar is metabolised, your metabolism will slow down (weight gain), you will lose a small amount of bone and it can become harder to retain muscle mass.

Every woman is different and will experience her own journey transitioning into menopause.

This will depend on your diet, exercise, lifestyle and mindset, which all play a part in this transition and helping with the symptoms I have just mentioned.

During perimenopause, your hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are declining. As this happens your hormones can go on a rollercoaster ride going up and down.

Progesterone can be lost very quickly, especially with added stress in your life.

Your body has to transition slowly so your body can keep up with the decline of hormones, this is why diet, exercise, lifestyle and mindset are all important to assist your body to cope during these years.

Ok so you may be thinking, wow that is a long time to experience this until you reach menopause🤨.

This is a journey for every woman and this can be a truly life changing experience. I know myself from experiencing it, I am a different woman in my 50’s than I was in my 40’s! My journey was challenging at times, I lost my business, my home, my husband and I nearly lost my life in a car accident. I really did go on a journey of self discovery.

I want you to know that you do not have to fear perimenopause or dread it happening. I want you to look forward to it and know that you can do so many things to help your body through this transition 😘.

When you have gone a full year without a period, you are then in menopause for the rest of your life. You have a new body now to nurture and cherish

Can You, As A Woman, Be Powerful?


Yes, you are getting older, looking after kids, looking after parents, people, working, etc,


Don’t let that stop you from being confident, making decisions for yourself and doing things just for YOU.

You also should not:

Be feeling that as you hit your 40’s, 50s and beyond, that you are less attractive or less able to have a different career or take up new and different hobbies.

I think we all need to be reminded from time to time that you are allowed to do things for yourself every day.

Don’t get caught up with living your life for other people.  You were not put on this planet just to be of service to every Tom, Dick and Harry! 

I want you to throw away that guilt right now, because guilt eats away at you and does not serve you.

I also want you to stop looking inwards all the time at your faults and to pay more attention to looking outwards at all the opportunities around you.

If people are uncomfortable with you and what you want to achieve, that’s their problem not yours. 

What do you dream about doing, can you make them a reality?  You may or may not be able to answer this question.  You can begin to figure this out.  Choose some of the things you would love to do and work on bringing them about to become a reality. 

If your finances are an issue, then start working out a savings plan.

If you are lacking in confidence, then take a few steps to start improving on that.

Become more selfish, it is allowed you know.   Being selfish means that you are starting to take care of yourself and that’s important.

Get in touch with your “self” and “self” acceptance.  Accept who you are right now, not who you were.

When you do this you can start to move forward in all that you want to do. 

Choose to heal and learn the lesson, forgive others or forgive yourself.

When making decisions, try this out:

Receive the information

Reflect upon it

Respond to that information

Don’t rush into anything and don’t judge people as you will never know the full story of why or how they got to where they are now. 

If you are too involved with other people, then you are not giving yourself enough attention.

So let’s ask the question again are Women really powerful?

Yes of course you are.  

You have the power within you:

  • To make your own decisions
  • Do what you want to do
  • To live your life being fully present

I want to share with you my new 14 Day Release and Renew Challenge for body, mind and spirit

Over the 14 days you will learn:-

  • How to get the best from your healthy journal
  • What is draining your energy
  • How to bring in more self care
  • What foods to eat to nourish, not punish your body
  • How to create a vision and then act upon it
  • How to build on your self awareness
  • How to release negative emotions
  • How to create a mindful ritual

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Have a great day.

What Can Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?


Working on maintaining your weight over the age of 40 can be a difficult task.

But, you don’t have to struggle, there is so much you can do to get your body to drop the fat and maintain your weight.

Are you doing some of these things?


When you make your plan too hard, you can end up getting yourself stressed out in the process.  You do not have to do everything all at once. 

You can start by getting used to one meal at a time.  Start with breakfast first and get used to eating a healthy breakfast, then move onto the next meal. 

It takes time to change what is in your kitchen cupboards into more healthy options.  Make a start each week by replacing a few items at a time.  You may not have a blender or a spiralizer etc.  Write a list of what you want to get and then tick one item off each week or each month, depending on your budget. 

Get used to chopping fruit and vegetables and salad ingredients, making your meal plan for the week and making out a shopping list. 

When you take things slow and build up a healthy eating habit over time, it doesn’t seem as hard or complicated. 


This is a bit like the question above.  Don’t do too much too soon as it can be overwhelming and frustrating. 

This can end in you not bothering altogether or stopping because you find it too hard and complicated.

Take your time, there is no rush and there are no rules to changing your habits into healthy ones.


It can be confusing choosing what foods to eat.  When you do my Hormone Reset, I provide you with over 100 recipes to choose from that are all hormone friendly and help you to maintain your weight.  I take out the overwhelm and you can choose the foods that you like to eat to create a lasting change. 

Eating healthy does not have to be confusing and it tastes delicious.  You just need to get your head around it.


What are you scared of?  What is stopping you from making changes for the better and taking a step forward and making a start?

Get a journal and write out what your fears are around making changes.

Do you think it is complicated?

Do you think you can’t do it?

Do you think you don’t have time?

Etc ………….


We have all done this, me included! 

What you need to do is work out why you are using food as a reward?

Food should be for nourishment, not as a reward.

If you want a reward for an accomplishment or something else, treat yourself to a new item of clothing or a new gadget in the kitchen or a new recipe condiment.

Also if you continually need to reward yourself, this can be a self esteem issue and you need to work on this and feel more love for yourself. 


Yes sleep is a big one here and can drive your cravings and your food choices. 

When you are tired, you are not going to crave a salad are you, let’s be honest here!

When you are fully rested and more relaxed, your food choices will improve.


Oh dear, I have also done this myself. 

Foods is so important to your weight maintenance success, much more than exercise.  Exercise is just a small piece that contributes to weight maintenance.

Stop this excuse right away. 

Eat healthy 80% of the time and have fun foods 20% of the time.  I don’t believe in deprivation, just moderation.


When you do not make enough time for yourself, your meal planning, shopping, meal prep will go out the window and you won’t be as organised as you want to be.

You will also be feeling more stressed out and not relaxed and focused which will end up with more fatigue and less likely to motivate you to eat healthy.


This is also another big one.  Making time to reduce stress is critical to lasting health and wellbeing and weight maintenance. 

More stress leads to more cortisol release and more fat storage.


If you are stressed out, not sleeping well, not getting your meal prep done, your shopping list done, it can seem too hard.

If you are doing too much at once, it can seem too hard.

Take baby steps, and follow the first point above.  Change a few things at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed and want to quit.


It really isn’t impossible, honest.  I don’t believe in deprivation.  You can still eat fun foods and foods you like such as cake, takeaways, chocolate or crisps. 

You can eat the fun foods 20% of the time.  When you want to eat some cake eat a small piece instead of a large piece to satisfy needing to eat it.

As you make changes to your diet and lifestyle, it becomes a healthy habit that you can stick to for life.  You honestly will not go back to your old ways.  I have done it, it does work.  I do now crave a salad and I can walk past the processed food in the supermarket with ease and it does not interest me to buy it. 

If you eat crap, you will feel like crap.

The more you eat healthy and the better you feel each day, the more you will want to do it.

These are all excuses that you are telling yourself to justify starting to make changes.  You tell yourself that you will start next week or next month or next year.

You are resisting changes and you may be feeling fear around it as well.

Why do you think you can’t do it, what are your fears?  Get clear about what is behind your fears.

Is it lack of self worth or lack of trust?

Your thoughts can play a trick on you and sabotage your success.

Healthy foods does taste good.

It is not impossible to stick with.

You can still enjoy a glass of wine, some chocolate, some chips.

If you want to look good and feel good inside and out, this takes a bit of effort and time.

It does not have to be hard.  You need to stop telling yourself that.

Write down in detail what is holding you back and making a start.

Thoughts become things and you can change your thoughts.

I can teach you how to love yourself and value yourself.

What is more important than you and your health?

Answer this question and then question why you should be a priority.

If not, your health can deteriorate to the point that it disrupts your life and going out enjoying yourself, activities and trips.

I really encourage you to wake up to yourself and stop being a victim and take charge of your health and life now. 

I can help and support you.

I have put together my Hormone Reset based on what I have learned about women’s hormones myself on my perimenopause journey and my hormone dysregulation. 

A women’s body is different to a mans because of our monthly menstrual cycle.  We have estrogen phases and progesterone phases and we can use this as a tool around diet, exercise, lifestyle and mindset.

I teach you

When to rest

How to get your gut and liver healthy

How to detox your body and get toxins out of your life

What to eat for weight maintenance

How to use exercise effectively

When to use intermittent fasting

How to do carb cycling

Be more productive

And much more ……………………

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What Are Some Of The Reasons You Crave Sugar?


Are you wanting to be healthier but you crave sugar all the time?

Do you feel like you don’t have any willpower or do you think that you just love sweet things?

There can be an explanation as to why this is happening.

The trouble is that a lot of foods bought in today’s supermarkets are full of unhealthy sugars and some of the sugars are hidden and if you don’t really read the ingredients labels of everything you buy, this can be contributing to your problems. 

Sugar has been linked to the contributing factor for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Do you want to find out why you are having a hard time staying away from sugar and learn how to change your sugar habit?

I too was a sugar junkie and loved to eat so many sweet things.  I loved cheesecake, brownies, chocolate cakes, sticky toffee pudding and apple pie or apple crumble as my favourites. 

A lot of people think that you can’t stop your addiction to sugar, but yes you can because if I can do it, you can too. 

The trouble is the more sugar you eat, the more you will crave it and it can be a vicious cycle to break but you can do it if you truly want to. 


You could have a yeast infection called Candida Albicans.  This yeast is needed in small amounts in your body to keep the bad bacteria in check but it can become overgrown due to antibiotic use, birth control pill, stress and poor diet.  This can cause a lot of your sugar cravings and this is why I was craving sugar because of my candida overgrowth.

Candida overgrowth can also leave you feeling tired and depressed and more likely to want sugar because of this. 

Another reason could be because of artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners are sucralose, aspartame, xylitol etc.  These sweeteners are very intense in their sweetness and you only need to add a small amount for a lot of sweetness.  They also don’t contain any calories so your body can be confused because it is not getting the same effect as eating sugar.

Artificial sweeteners can also affect your taste for sugar and affect your gut bacteria. 

You may not be getting enough sleep. 

When you are sleep deprived, this can affect your hunger hormone and make you want to eat more sugary foods.  You can also be feeling tired and cranky and want to eat more sugary foods because your brain will crave more sugar for energy. 

You may have lots of stress in your life.

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes such as diet, lifestyle, mind and psychological stress.  This can affect your blood sugar levels and make you crave more sugary foods.  These foods can make you feel better emotionally because they are comfort foods. 

You may be restricting the foods you eat.

When you restrict your foods or go long periods of time in between meals, this can leave you feeling so hungry and you will then be more likely to reach for unhealthy sugar foods to feed your hunger. 

Can you identify any of these yourself?

When you can identify why you are craving sugar, you can then take steps to do something about it, like I did.  I know just how it feels to crave sugar all the time. 

Don’t struggle on your own, let me help you to heal your sugar habit and heal your body.  When you can get this under control it has a massive impact on your overall health. 

You will be able to decide if you want a piece of cake or want to eat a chocolate biscuit.  You will be able to resist eating so much sugar and keep your sugar habit under control. 

Set up a call with me and lets have a chat together.  Book your call HERE

What Foods Can Wreak Havoc On Hormone Health?


A hormone imbalance can bring on some unpleasant symptoms and there are some foods that can wreak havoc on your hormones. 

I just want to cover a few of the general foods here that I consider as hormone disruptors. 

Every women is different and could have sensitivities to certain foods that can cause hormone havoc.


The quality of your meat matters as some farmed meats and fish raised on an unnatural diet can contain high levels of hormones, antibiotics and mercury.  Animals and fish do have hormones too as it’s a living being. 


Refined sugar can spike your insulin levels to remove sugar out of the blood and into your cells.  When you eat a diet high in sugar, your insulin levels are constantly high and can cause a condition called insulin resistance.  Your body is constantly focusing on controlling blood sugar levels and less on producing hormones.  When you have insulin resistance, your body does not pay proper attention to the signal of insulin anymore so your blood sugar is not properly managed and can result in fat storage because the sugar has to go somewhere and your fat cells will be the target. 

High amounts of refined sugar can also deplete your much needed nutrients from the foods you are eating.  Focus more on eating natural sugars and starchy carbohydrates for a steady flow of sugar you need to give energy to your body. 


The gluten contained in bread and pasta and sugar, can increase inflammation in your body and this causes stress on your adrenal glands, your thyroid and your ovaries.  This will result in a dysregulation of your hypothalamus (the control centre in your brains to instruct the release of hormones).  When there is a disruption in the release and control of hormones, this is when an imbalance can start to happen.


Dairy foods such as cows milk, cheese, butter, yogurts, can be irritating to your digestion and can cause inflammation.  Dairy foods can also contain hormones and antibiotics (the same as meat and fish). 

Milk contains a lot of the growth hormone IGF-1.  When you consume too much of this, it causes inflammation and a spike in insulin.  This can result in your liver over producing growth hormone.  If you are a women with heavy bleeding or fibroids, cutting dairy out of your diet, can be beneficial to reduce the growth of fibroids and blood lining your uterus.  There are other things to consider but eating a diet with no dairy could help significantly. 

Dairy could also be producing more sebum or excess oil in your skin leading to clogged pores and more spots. 


I know this one is a big one for a lot of women as you like a lovely glass of wine or a good gin and tonic.  When you drink a lot of alcohol, it can interfere with the delicate control centre in your brain (the hypothalmus I talked about before).  This can lead to a disruption in hormone release and control. 

When you are drinking a lot of alcohol, it can also increase your cortisol levels, triggering stress in your body and yes more fat storage and inflammation. 

I am not saying stop alcohol altogether!  What I would suggest is to cut out alcohol for a month to help your body restore natural hormone function again. 


Soy products can affect your estrogen levels and can mimic estrogen.  This can result in your human estrogen from binding to your bodies receptor sites all over your body.  It can also disrupt other hormones in your body because of high estrogen levels.  It can affect your thyroid function by the production of thyroid binding globulin.  This will bind up your thyroid hormone so your body cannot use it.  Some common symptoms of high estrogen are weight gain, irritability, weight gain, insomnia and anxiety and heavy periods. 

Soy is also genetically modified, which means that it is loaded with toxic pesticides that can further lead to hormone imbalance.

Are you struggling with a hormone imbalance? 

Are you finding it difficult to know where to start to get your hormones healthy again and stop them disrupting your life and stealing your energy, sex life, sleep quality, brain health and weight maintenance?

I want to help and support you.  Don’t try and do it all on your own.  I have been there and gone through perimenopause myself.  I know how difficult it can be and also frustrating and leave you feeling exhausted and unhappy.

I want to have a chat with you and to get to know you and what you are struggling with the most.  I can let you know how I can help you to get the best results for you. 

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You Will Be Happy When You Lose Weight?

Do you think that once you have lost all your weight, that you will be happy?

Have you ever lost weight but you still wasn’t happy?

How many diets have you followed over your lifetime, only to realise that this is not going to make you happy?

Here are some simple steps that you can do to help you stop thinking like this.

Get some clarity on exactly what makes you happy – for example, is your job giving you satisfaction, do you need to heal from past trauma or let go of any past hurt?

When you do this, you may just find that the fat you want to lose will start to melt away. 

What you can also do is put more focus on eating for good health and healing your body at the same time. 

Your body may be holding onto fat because you are sad or unhappy or uptight and your body needs to heal with your mind, lifestyle, diet and exercise first. 

You need to change the way that you think about dieting and food and putting your focus on getting clear on what lights you up and makes you happy.  Focus on right now and what you can do to make changes and don’t focus too far into the future.  When you keep focusing on the future too much, you can be missing out on all the good things right now.  Enjoy one day at a time and stop trying to speed ahead.

It may take some time to get into a daily practice and you  may not be able to do it every day.  That is ok, it takes time to change a habit or practice more good ones.  It will get easier and easier the more that you do it.

You can start by not comparing yourself to others.  You are unique and there is no-one like you, celebrate being you and build on self care for yourself.  You do not know what other people are struggling with themselves.  You may see someone beautiful and stick thin but they may not be happy with themselves or not be happy with their lives. 

Do not judge yourself about how much fat you are losing.  Celebrate every little change that you see, no matter how small that is.  Your body is in charge of healing and letting go of fat.  It may take some time so be patient with yourself.  Focus on saying “I am amazing and I am celebrating my fat loss journey”

Learn to celebrate every single change you make because you are working towards a healthier and happier version of you. 

When you can learn how to food prep like a pro and learn a new recipe or learn a new exercise.  This is all progress that needs to be celebrated.

So, are you ready to start to make those changes?

Learn how to eat healthy food and enjoy it.  Food that is easy to prepare and tastes delicious and you won’t believe how full you will be.  Say goodbye to cravings for good.  Yes you can do it.

Say goodbye to your weighing scales and put that tape measure away.  You don’t need those.  All you need to focus on is eating for good health and healing your body and the weight will melt away.  Trust in your body that it knows what to do and be patient for the results to happen.

Find a way to exercise that feels good to you.

Learn how to live your life in the rhythm of your body.

Learn how to get your gut and liver healthy.

Learn how to get toxins out of your life and detox your body.

I am excited for you to start and I can help and support you.

It all starts with you to just say YES.

Get all the details about my Hormone Reset at the link below. 

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Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys either side of your lower back.  When they get worn out, this is usually called adrenal fatigue.

Your adrenal glands help to control stress levels and blood sugar levels in your body. 

When you have adrenal fatigue or I like to call it adrenal insufficiency, you may be feeling fatigued and tired out along with other symptoms such as weight gain, insomnia, brain fog, pretty much not feeling very good.

If you are feeling these symptoms and you are dragging your body out of bed every day, this is a sign that you need to get to grips with whatever your stress is because your body is probably in “stress mode” all the time and not having time to rest and relax.

If your stress levels continue over a number of years, this can then lead to adrenal insufficiency and this can then lead to other problems such as gut issues, thyroid issues, mineral imbalances and hormone imbalances.

Here are some signs that your adrenals are suffering.


When your body is prioritising stress, your hormones are not being made.  The hormone affected is progesterone and this is being used to control stress levels.  This can put your estrogen and progesterone out of balance.  When estrogen levels go high, this can affect your thyroid working correctly.  Your adrenal glands and thyroid are best friends and both work together. 

This can lead to fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, lower metabolism and menstrual problems.  You can also be suffering from PMS as well. 


Your adrenal glands help with brain, mood and mental health.  You will have problems tolerating stress levels which can lead to anxiety and depression. 


Are you putting yourself last and not making yourself a priority?  If you are on the go all the time and not making time for rest and relaxation, it can make you feel a bit overwhelmed with day to day life.  It is ok to say no and not to think that you have to be able to do everything and please everyone.  Put yourself first and give yourself some more self care.

Stop and re-focus on your day to day activities and find more time for yourself.  You need this time for yourself every day to help reduce stress and feel much better.


Are you getting enough sleep?  You know how much you need to be able to rest, recharge and repair every night.  Usually it is around 8-10 hours every night.  So, if you are not feeling energised every morning or you are relying on an alarm clock to get you up every day, this is a big sign you need to get more sleep. 

Are you going to sleep and getting up at roughly the same time every day?  This can help to set your circadium rhythm so you get more productive sleep.  Taking time to get ready for sleep is also important and to stop blue light and stimulants in the evening. 

Set the scene for sleep, take an epsom salt bath, don’t eat a heavy meal too close to bed, make sure your room is dark and cool. 


When your adrenal glands are not functioning correctly, your body is wanting more sodium and other minerals.  This is because your adrenal glands produce aldosterone which controls the salt levels in your body and when they are not functioning correctly, they will not be producing aldosterone to control your salt levels and you can be losing more salt than you can retain.  This can lead to low blood pressure, heart palpitations and cravings for salt, dizziness or light headedness when you stand up.

To help with this, you can add a pinch of celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink salt in every litre of water you drink.  Also include these salts in your food and cooking.  You can also add in seaweed such as dulse, kelp or nori.


You should feel good and energised after exercised.  If you feel tired instead, this is a sign that your adrenal glands are not functioning well. 

High impact exercise can also put more stress on your adrenal glands.  What they want is rest and repair.  Include more less strenuous exercise such as walking and yoga.


You can feel stiff and pain when your body is not able to heal itself correctly.  You can be feeling stiff in any area of your body but particularly your neck and back area. 

An Epsom bath can help with this.  Supplementing with magnesium and eating an anti inflammatory diet.


Do you need caffeine to wake you up?  Caffeine is a stimulant and this is like slapping your adrenal glands in the face to wake up.  This can put more stress on your adrenal glands and weaken them even more. 

Caffeine can keep your body in stress mode and increases cortisol levels. 

When the effects of caffeine wear off, this can leave you feeling worse and more tired and irritable. 

Swap to herbal teas such as holy basil tea.  Holy basil has been known to be able to help reduce stress levels. 


During high levels of stress, your digestion will not be functioning properly because your body will put more emphasis on bodily processes to cope with stress. 

Over time, this can affect the way your digest food, lower stomach acid and increase your risk of infections and overgrowth of bad bacteria in your digestive tract.

You can also be suffering from bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.

When you are not digesting your food correctly, you can also be suffering from malnutrition because you cannot take in all the nutrients from your food very well. 

You may be eating healthy but if you can’t digest your food properly, it can affect absorption.

It is so important to get to the root cause of your stress.  Stress comes in all shapes and sizes.  It can be diet, lifestyle, toxins, exercise, sleep, mindset.

When you find the root cause, you can begin to heal and correct the stress in your life.

You can put a plan together to begin your healing process and set you on the road to recovery and feeling better so you can look good and feel good inside and out.

I can help and support you to put a plan together to heal your body.  

My 30 Day Hormone Reset focuses on diet, lifestyle, mindset and exercise.

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