You Need To Know This About Your Vagina In Menopause


What happens to your vagina in menopause?

Before menopause, your vagina has a very thick wall that’s full of wrinkles which contains folds of thick skin which secretes fluids that keep it lubricated

The thick, folded, lubricated skin allows your vagina to withstand all sorts of friction during intercourse.  

It allows it to stretch enough to deliver a baby and then it snaps right back to its happy thick, folded, lubricated state after all these things.

So you have probably gone through your entire reproductive life not really paying much attention to your vagina.

And then, along comes menopause and all this changes!

Did you know that estrogen is responsible for the thick wrinkly and lubricated wall of your vagina.

When you hit menopause, your estrogen takes a nose dive and your vagina will never be the same again.

And this is the time that you become more aware of your vagina.

When estrogen goes low at menopause, the thick wrinkly wall of your vagina becomes very thin and dry and intercourse can be a bit uncomfortable and painful.  The wrinkles flatten and smooth out, making it impossible for your vagina to stretch to accommodate a penis or lengthen during intercourse.

Your vagina is the only place where wrinkles are welcomed.  Your vagina can feel sore, be itchy or you can have light bleeding or mild discharge.  You are more prone to having urinary tract infections.


  • Dehydration from not drinking enough water
  • Certain Medications
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • High insulin levels from high blood sugar
  • Adrenal exhaustion or general burnout
  • Chronic stress
  • Insufficient foreplay

There is a chemical that is produced by your body, and when it is in your bloodstream, it can double your lubrication.

To make this chemical, your brain, gut, and pancreas have to work together.  So you need to be:

  • Moderately stress free
  • Have a healthy digestive system
  • And have a healthy blood sugar


Stay hydrated by drinking enough water every single day

If you are smoking or drinking too much, your vagina will thank you if you cut down or give up.

Pay more attention to what you are eating, take out the refined sugary foods, regular takeaways and supermarket bought ready meals. 

Pay close attention to your stress levels every day.

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