Can You, As A Woman, Be Powerful?


Yes, you are getting older, looking after kids, looking after parents, people, working, etc,


Don’t let that stop you from being confident, making decisions for yourself and doing things just for YOU.

You also should not:

Be feeling that as you hit your 40’s, 50s and beyond, that you are less attractive or less able to have a different career or take up new and different hobbies.

I think we all need to be reminded from time to time that you are allowed to do things for yourself every day.

Don’t get caught up with living your life for other people.  You were not put on this planet just to be of service to every Tom, Dick and Harry! 

I want you to throw away that guilt right now, because guilt eats away at you and does not serve you.

I also want you to stop looking inwards all the time at your faults and to pay more attention to looking outwards at all the opportunities around you.

If people are uncomfortable with you and what you want to achieve, that’s their problem not yours. 

What do you dream about doing, can you make them a reality?  You may or may not be able to answer this question.  You can begin to figure this out.  Choose some of the things you would love to do and work on bringing them about to become a reality. 

If your finances are an issue, then start working out a savings plan.

If you are lacking in confidence, then take a few steps to start improving on that.

Become more selfish, it is allowed you know.   Being selfish means that you are starting to take care of yourself and that’s important.

Get in touch with your “self” and “self” acceptance.  Accept who you are right now, not who you were.

When you do this you can start to move forward in all that you want to do. 

Choose to heal and learn the lesson, forgive others or forgive yourself.

When making decisions, try this out:

Receive the information

Reflect upon it

Respond to that information

Don’t rush into anything and don’t judge people as you will never know the full story of why or how they got to where they are now. 

If you are too involved with other people, then you are not giving yourself enough attention.

So let’s ask the question again are Women really powerful?

Yes of course you are.  

You have the power within you:

  • To make your own decisions
  • Do what you want to do
  • To live your life being fully present

I want to share with you my new 14 Day Release and Renew Challenge for body, mind and spirit

Over the 14 days you will learn:-

  • How to get the best from your healthy journal
  • What is draining your energy
  • How to bring in more self care
  • What foods to eat to nourish, not punish your body
  • How to create a vision and then act upon it
  • How to build on your self awareness
  • How to release negative emotions
  • How to create a mindful ritual

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Have a great day.

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