What Is A Hormone Disruptor?


Hormones are your bodies messengers and they carry instructions to your cells.  They control a lot of your physiological processes that happen in your body. 

You have what is called a “receptor site” on each of your cells.  You can refer to this as your post box which is receiving the message from your hormones. 

There is another system involved in the delivering of these messages and that is your endocrine system.  Your endocrine system is the master controller of these post boxes and it controls your hormone activities. 

An endocrine disruptor is like someone gate crashing a party.  They think that they can jump onto your post boxes whenever they want to stop the delivery of your hormone message and that will not give the cell an instruction what to do. 


There are a lot of different endocrine disruptors and the most common ones are toxins.  These can be household cleaners, skin creams, hair care products, clothes washing products, scented candles, air freshners, kitchen utensils or plastics. 

I think that the biggest endocrine disruptor is refined sugar.


Refined sugar can decrease the good estrogen in your body. 

It can also stop you from losing weight/fat around your body

It can stop you from getting a good nights sleep

It can make you moody and irritable

It can give you brain fog

It can leave you feeling anxious or depressed.

When you have too much sugar in your bloodstream, your body will turn your good estrogen such as estradiol into a bad estrogen, which is a type of stress hormone.  It will then stop your body from being able to use your good estrogens. 

When you eat a lot of refined sugar in your diet, it can lead to the development of insulin resistance.  During perimenopause, you are more sensitive to refined sugars and this can happen very quickly.

Insulin resistance can go on to develop a hormone imbalance and you can experience some symptoms such as:

Sleep disruption, fatigue, trouble concentrating, feeling moody, irritable and depressed

Insulin resistance can make it so hard to burn your stored fat.

Insulin resistance means that your cells no longer listen to insulin knocking on its door to let the sugar inside your cells.  So this is why your blood sugar will then turn to fat because sugar cannot stay in your blood, it has to go somewhere.  If it can’t get into your cells, it gets stuffed into your fat cells.

What also happens when you combine refined sugar with fat, this will also cause a problem with getting sugar into your cells.  If there is too much fat in your cells, sugar can’t get inside. 

So it’s important to look at how you can reduce your refined sugar intake to help keep your body using the good estrogens and reduce stress hormone levels.  By reducing your refined sugar intake, you will also have less moodiness, irritability, anxious feelings or depression and be able to think more clearly and sleep better.  You will be able to maintain your weight much more effectively. 

Making an effort to reduce your refined sugar intake can be hard because sugar is addictive and it is contained in so many foods.  When you eat the sugar laden biscuits, you feel better because the sugar goes straight to your brains receptors. 

You can stop the sugar habit because I have done it myself.

It will help if you can reduce your stress levels.  Don’t let yourself get too hungry and always carry a healthy snack with you. 

Find other ways to satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy sugar such as fruit or a health bar.

An alternative sweetener is raw honey or stevia or monkfruit.

Get out your journal and write down how much refined sugar you are eating now.  You can then begin to take steps to stop buying those items. 

This takes practice and effort to stop the sugar habit.  There are so many healthy cakes and biscuits that you can make yourself, just don’t eat them all at once. 

Don’t struggle on your own with your hormone symptoms.  Let’s have a chat about it.  Set up a call with me HERE

For Perimenopause Relief – Support These 3 Systems


Perimenopause is the time when your hormones are slowly declining to get your body ready for menopause. 

This can put a bit of stress on your body and if your body is not supported during this time, then it can exacerbate your symptoms. 

When you can help your body go through this transition, it can really help reduce your symptoms.  Here are 3 systems that you would benefit supporting during this time. 


When you were younger, you could get away with late night pizza or drinking binges.  Now your body is more sensitive to sugar.  The key is to keep your blood sugar stable with nutrient dense foods.

The spikes and dips of blood sugar can also make you feel moody and irritable and want to eat unhealthy carbohydrates.  Sugar can also contribute to an unhealthy gut flora.  You want your gut to be healthy to be able to clear out excess hormones. 

Make sure you are eating regular meals and not restricting, including enough protein in every meal and have some healthy snacks on hand to stop you from snacking on unhealthy foods. 

You could have fruit for snacks.  Eat chia porridge with mixed in protein powder and topped with lots of fruit.  Make delicious and hearty soups to warm up or put in a flask to eat on the go. 


Your adrenals are two glands that sit on top of your kidneys, either side of your lower back.  They will take over your hormone production at menopause so it is so important to keep them nourished and not to stress them out

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes, not just being stressed out at work,  The blood sugar spikes as mentioned above is a stress.  The food you eat, exercise, mindset, lifestyle are all stress.  Get to bed by 10pm and get plenty of sleep.


When hormones have done their job, they need to exit out of the body with the help of your liver and digestive tract.  When you have excess hormones circulating around your blood or toxins that can mimic hormones, this can lead to perimenopause symptoms. 

Your liver breaks down toxins and goes through 2 phases in order for this to happen.  It has to have certain nutrients to be able to do this effectively.  They then need to be eliminated from your body via your digestive tract.  It is really important that you are going to poop regularly for this to happen. 

To help your digestive tract, your gallbladder needs to be able to make bile so that the toxins can travel from your liver to your colon.  Natural sources of fat are needed to make bile such as nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut oil. 

Some foods to nourish your liver are beetroot, carrots, lemon, dandelion, nettle root, broccoli, onions and garlic.

There are more things you can do to help reduce your perimenopause and menopause symptoms and if you are struggling with yours and don’t seem to be able to get them under control, get in touch with me and let’s have a chat about it. 

I help women every day to find solutions to their symptoms.   

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How Does A Woman’s Body Change In Perimenopause?

Perimenopause can start any time after the age of around 35 and this transition can go on until your reach aged 50-55, which is the average age of menopause.

The transition from perimenopause to menopause is a natural transition but it can bring on some unpleasant symptoms such as:

🌷Hot flashes/night sweats


🌷Weight gain

🌷Sleepless nights

🌷Brain fog


🌷Heavy periods

There are others but I think these are the main symptoms.

You will also become more sensitive to stress and the way you process stress (anxiety or mood swings, sleepless nights). You will be more sensitive to how sugar is metabolised, your metabolism will slow down (weight gain), you will lose a small amount of bone and it can become harder to retain muscle mass.

Every woman is different and will experience her own journey transitioning into menopause.

This will depend on your diet, exercise, lifestyle and mindset, which all play a part in this transition and helping with the symptoms I have just mentioned.

During perimenopause, your hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are declining. As this happens your hormones can go on a rollercoaster ride going up and down.

Progesterone can be lost very quickly, especially with added stress in your life.

Your body has to transition slowly so your body can keep up with the decline of hormones, this is why diet, exercise, lifestyle and mindset are all important to assist your body to cope during these years.

Ok so you may be thinking, wow that is a long time to experience this until you reach menopause🤨.

This is a journey for every woman and this can be a truly life changing experience. I know myself from experiencing it, I am a different woman in my 50’s than I was in my 40’s! My journey was challenging at times, I lost my business, my home, my husband and I nearly lost my life in a car accident. I really did go on a journey of self discovery.

I want you to know that you do not have to fear perimenopause or dread it happening. I want you to look forward to it and know that you can do so many things to help your body through this transition 😘.

When you have gone a full year without a period, you are then in menopause for the rest of your life. You have a new body now to nurture and cherish

Can You, As A Woman, Be Powerful?


Yes, you are getting older, looking after kids, looking after parents, people, working, etc,


Don’t let that stop you from being confident, making decisions for yourself and doing things just for YOU.

You also should not:

Be feeling that as you hit your 40’s, 50s and beyond, that you are less attractive or less able to have a different career or take up new and different hobbies.

I think we all need to be reminded from time to time that you are allowed to do things for yourself every day.

Don’t get caught up with living your life for other people.  You were not put on this planet just to be of service to every Tom, Dick and Harry! 

I want you to throw away that guilt right now, because guilt eats away at you and does not serve you.

I also want you to stop looking inwards all the time at your faults and to pay more attention to looking outwards at all the opportunities around you.

If people are uncomfortable with you and what you want to achieve, that’s their problem not yours. 

What do you dream about doing, can you make them a reality?  You may or may not be able to answer this question.  You can begin to figure this out.  Choose some of the things you would love to do and work on bringing them about to become a reality. 

If your finances are an issue, then start working out a savings plan.

If you are lacking in confidence, then take a few steps to start improving on that.

Become more selfish, it is allowed you know.   Being selfish means that you are starting to take care of yourself and that’s important.

Get in touch with your “self” and “self” acceptance.  Accept who you are right now, not who you were.

When you do this you can start to move forward in all that you want to do. 

Choose to heal and learn the lesson, forgive others or forgive yourself.

When making decisions, try this out:

Receive the information

Reflect upon it

Respond to that information

Don’t rush into anything and don’t judge people as you will never know the full story of why or how they got to where they are now. 

If you are too involved with other people, then you are not giving yourself enough attention.

So let’s ask the question again are Women really powerful?

Yes of course you are.  

You have the power within you:

  • To make your own decisions
  • Do what you want to do
  • To live your life being fully present

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  • How to create a vision and then act upon it
  • How to build on your self awareness
  • How to release negative emotions
  • How to create a mindful ritual

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Have a great day.