You Will Be Happy When You Lose Weight?

Do you think that once you have lost all your weight, that you will be happy?

Have you ever lost weight but you still wasn’t happy?

How many diets have you followed over your lifetime, only to realise that this is not going to make you happy?

Here are some simple steps that you can do to help you stop thinking like this.

Get some clarity on exactly what makes you happy – for example, is your job giving you satisfaction, do you need to heal from past trauma or let go of any past hurt?

When you do this, you may just find that the fat you want to lose will start to melt away. 

What you can also do is put more focus on eating for good health and healing your body at the same time. 

Your body may be holding onto fat because you are sad or unhappy or uptight and your body needs to heal with your mind, lifestyle, diet and exercise first. 

You need to change the way that you think about dieting and food and putting your focus on getting clear on what lights you up and makes you happy.  Focus on right now and what you can do to make changes and don’t focus too far into the future.  When you keep focusing on the future too much, you can be missing out on all the good things right now.  Enjoy one day at a time and stop trying to speed ahead.

It may take some time to get into a daily practice and you  may not be able to do it every day.  That is ok, it takes time to change a habit or practice more good ones.  It will get easier and easier the more that you do it.

You can start by not comparing yourself to others.  You are unique and there is no-one like you, celebrate being you and build on self care for yourself.  You do not know what other people are struggling with themselves.  You may see someone beautiful and stick thin but they may not be happy with themselves or not be happy with their lives. 

Do not judge yourself about how much fat you are losing.  Celebrate every little change that you see, no matter how small that is.  Your body is in charge of healing and letting go of fat.  It may take some time so be patient with yourself.  Focus on saying “I am amazing and I am celebrating my fat loss journey”

Learn to celebrate every single change you make because you are working towards a healthier and happier version of you. 

When you can learn how to food prep like a pro and learn a new recipe or learn a new exercise.  This is all progress that needs to be celebrated.

So, are you ready to start to make those changes?

Learn how to eat healthy food and enjoy it.  Food that is easy to prepare and tastes delicious and you won’t believe how full you will be.  Say goodbye to cravings for good.  Yes you can do it.

Say goodbye to your weighing scales and put that tape measure away.  You don’t need those.  All you need to focus on is eating for good health and healing your body and the weight will melt away.  Trust in your body that it knows what to do and be patient for the results to happen.

Find a way to exercise that feels good to you.

Learn how to live your life in the rhythm of your body.

Learn how to get your gut and liver healthy.

Learn how to get toxins out of your life and detox your body.

I am excited for you to start and I can help and support you.

It all starts with you to just say YES.

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