“Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.”


In order to give yourself some self care, you need to put yourself at the top of your to do list always. 

Realise the importance of you and your health. 

What would happen if you could no longer take care of your families needs?  This can remind you that taking care of you is your number 1 priority. 

Do you think that staying healthy takes too much time and money?  I want to ask you what else takes time and money.  Getting sick does.  You can either make time for your health or it will be made for you when you are forced to confront it. 

You can learn to get organised and change habits to create healthy meals and that don’t cost a lot of money either.

Think about the time that you were last sick and I mean really sick where you could not go to work.  Maybe a bad cold or flu!  How stressful was it and you couldn’t do what you needed to do and couldn’t help other people.

Take time to visualise what your life will be like if you continue on with the way you are and not taking care of yourself.


Have you learned how to say NO.  I think somewhere along the way of life, you think that it is wrong to say NO.  Why do you find this difficult to do.  Saying NO to something that does not serve you or not make you happy, is not bad and you should not be feeling guilty about it.

I like to think that the word NO means to Nourish Oneself.  Saying NO to things that are not good for you or things you do not want to do, allows you to say YES to the things you do want to do and that will make you feel good.


Can you incorporate a “power hour” into your day?  This means that if you can get up one hour earlier than anyone else in the house, what would that mean to you?

You can wake up better, drink a warm lemon drink, do some yoga, make time to journal and to plan your day, give thanks etc.  An hour is a lot of time to get a lot done for yourself.

If you can’t manage one hour, make it half an hour instead.

You will be amazed just how much better your day will be.

Set some goals by scoring 1-10.  Rate yourself today about your health and happiness.  Keep a note of this daily and try an increase your score every week.

Really hold yourself accountable to increase your number with whatever goal you set for yourself.

This could be to eat one healthier meal

Do more exercise during the week

Say NO to one thing you don’t want to do.

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.”



Be more present in your day, even if you are just still for a moment to focus on your surroundings, how you feel, what you are thinking, what you are enjoying etc.

Your day can get busy and lots of things can go running through your mind.  You day can easily be missed by not being present in that day.

Try and stop yourself from doing too many things at once or thinking about tomorrow or last night, getting yourself in a panic about something.  Check in with yourself and take a breath and stop and be still to focus on just one thing. 

To be truly present, put your phone away and any other distractions.


Be still and focus on your breath.  A lot of people do not breathe very well.  When you can do some deep breathing it can really help to reduce stress. 

Breathe in for a count of 8, hold your breath and count to 4, then breathe out again and count to 8.  Do this a few times to really feel yourself relaxing.

Another way to help reduce stress and relax is to do nostril breathing.  What you do is hold one nostril in with your finger.  Now breathe in for a count of 8, hold for a count of 4, then swap nostrils and hold in the other side as you breathe out for a count of 8. 


Are there things you are doing that someone else can do?  Can someone else do the grocery shopping?  Can you get it delivered?  Who can help out with the housework?  Every little thing that you can delegate to someone else will help give you more time to yourself.

These self care tools require no extra time or money.  Add at least one of these in a day.

Self-care is important and self-care can be easy.

With the right system in place it becomes part of your daily routine and can have incredible results.

What self-care system will you be adding to your life?

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