Changing Your Eating Habits With A Positive Mindset



Ok so let’s get real here and face reality, making changes in your life can seem like a huge task but it is completely “doable”.  I did it myself and if I can do it, so can you because I was a sugar junkie, I ate lots of bread and I didn’t make all my own meals.

When you begin to make changes, you need to view this as a transformational journey and be open to change and embrace it and learn new ones.

In modern day life where there is a vast amount of information on the internet now about lots of different ways to eat your food.  This makes it a bit difficult knowing where to start.

But, this is about you and what is best for you, not what your friend is doing or family members and don’t let anyone influence you with your decision.  You do what is best for you and your life, it is no-one elses and there is no “one size fits all” approach here.  This is a change for the long term, not a short term fix.

This is a powerful motivator to make those changes so you can look good and feel good inside and out.

Your motivation will be what drives you because this is important to you.  This is a change for you and no-one else.

Behavioural change science tells us that intrinsic motivation is the key – motivation that comes from within, that is internally driven by what is important to you. Make the change for yourself, nobody else.

Get a journal and write down honestly the reasons why you want this change for the better without any judgement on your part.  This will help you to get started on your journey to changes. 

Begin to make small changes and take baby steps.  This is a change of lifestyle and habits and it can take a while to get used to new ones.  Be kind to yourself and if you fall off the wagon, get back on it again and keep going.  Any small progress is a big win, so give yourself some credit and be proud of yourself. 

You might be someone who can make more changes than others depending on where you are.  If you are already eating healthy and prepare your own meals then you are already doing well to get healthy hormones.  You may be a master at meal preparation or you may be super organised yourself. 

As you start to make positive changes, really pay attention to how your life is changing, how food tastes, how you feel after eating that food, Keep a note of all this in your journal.

How is your attitude changing towards foods and how food tastes.  It can take a while to be able to actually crave healthy food and crave a salad.  Yes it is possible, because I do!

Are you having cravings for some foods?  Start to become very aware of what can be triggering any unhealthy food cravings.  Is it stress, tiredness or feeling anxious or depressed etc?  Sometimes women eat unhealthy foods to make themselves feel good or to fill a need or void in their life.  When you can get clear on what is driving these cravings or eating patterns, you can do something to stop it and move on.

Get used to eating out at a restaurant or eating at a party and get used to making good food choices such as salad items and more vegetables instead of bread or pastries or crisps.  Eat a small piece of dessert instead of a large one.  Don’t let anyone make judgements about what you are eating or let someone influence eating more than you want.  This is your choice and just let them know that you want to make healthier choices with your food. 

Be prepared for hunger if you are late getting your next meal.  Carry some healthy snacks around in your bag to put you on until your next meal so you are not tempted to buy a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar.

When you do eat, take a look at your plate and how colourful it is with all the fruits and vegetables and salads you are eating. 

Take time when you are eating so you can really taste your food.  Eat with no distractions and eat mindfully, so no television or looking at your laptop or mobile phone while eating. 

Get used to food prepping like a pro!  Always plan ahead and write down what you will be eating for the next week and get all the food in your kitchen so you are prepared.  Give yourself an hour or so one day, maybe Sunday to chop, wash and marinade meat, cook a stew and freeze it etc. 

Keep yourself in check by checking in with yourself regularly on what you have eaten and how you are progressing.

Be proud of yourself for all your achievements, you are doing great.

Do you want any help and support from me?  I am here for you to give you the support you need.  You may need some fresh eyes on what you are doing to help you make a few changes here and there. 

I can assess where you are with your healthy journey and help with your choices of foods, herbs and supplements to help you along your journey to better health and healthy hormones.

My Hormone Reset has all the tools you need to help you make lasting changes for good! 

When you make your purchase of my Hormone Reset, we have a long chat together about where you are at and I will draw up a plan of action to guide you in making your food choices and lifestyle changes.  I will check in with you during the 4 weeks to see how you are doing.

All you need to do then is rinse and repeat and keep doing what you are doing.

Above all, be patient with yourself and your body.  Your body is in charge of healing and getting healthy again.  It can take a few months, 6 months, a year.  So you need to be prepared to wait for lasting changes.  Every women is different and will be at different stages of their health journey.

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