How Can Your Mindset Be Holding You Back?

I want to ask you a few questions and I want you to be honest with yourself here:

Do you think change is hard?

Do you have a good relationship with yourself?

Do you trust yourself?

How happy do you feel with how you look?

Is you self esteem low?

Do you have low moods?

Do you think  negatively?

Your thoughts and feelings can affect your life.  

Do you trip yourself up because of what you believe?

Your mind runs those beliefs and it can be telling you that you can’t have what you want.

Your mind could be telling you that:

There is no way you can achieve anything.

You started something before and you didn’t continue it because it didn’t bring you instant results, so you gave up, so there is no use in trying something new.

This can put you in a place of denial and you want to play it safe to protect yourself.

You think it will be impossible or you don’t have enough time.

It’s too hard.

I can’t do it.

Are you having these thoughts?

It can be holding you back from a completely different life to what you have right now.

What words are you using to describe your life – 



High energy levels





Because this is what I want for you.

I get it, I was a negative person myself and I can understand that this negativity can deplete your life.  

I was bullied in school and in the work place.  I didn’t enjoy my job and those bullies made it more unbearable.  I went from job to job to escape boredom and bullies.

As a teenager, I felt I had to fit in and not be myself, to follow the crowd to feel wanted and liked.  

I lost my self identity!

I had to dig deep to find out what was holding me back, what were my fears.

I started to journal and get my feelings and thoughts down onto paper to make more sense of them.  

I started reading about the power of now, learn how to trust myself and love myself again.  It does take a bit of work, time and patience with yourself but it will change.

Start taking notice of how you use your words to describe yourself, others, situations or problems.

Its easy to blame the outside world but you have to dig deep and go inwards.

Change the negative talk for positive ones.

Get clear on your goals

Why do you want to change?

How do you want to look and feel?

You need to re programme your subconscious mind which is where you hold all your memories and habits.

Have you ever driven to work and not known how you got there.  You do it every day so now it is automatic and you don’t have to focus on what you are doing.

It can be the same with your thoughts and feelings.  They can be a habit or familiar.

Your thoughts and beliefs define who you are as a person and you can change those thoughts and reprogramme your subconscious mind.

You can have more self belief.  Put your focus on getting started.

Believe that you can have better health, weight maintenance, more energy, better sleep, feel happy.

It is possible, you just need to take that first step forwards and don’t look back.

Take it one day at a time.

For however long it takes.

Keep focused on your end result and keep a track of your progress in your journal.

You do need support, you can’t do this on your own.  Ask friends or family to help you.

Ask for help from someone who understands and can give you the support you need.  Someone like me or someone else that you can trust.

When you can get started and have that commitment and determination, anything is possible.

That is when the magic happens and having patience with yourself.

You will start to create better choices and changes.

Be aware of what you need to change – your why

Take action – make a start

Keep the focus – be kind to yourself if you trip up, get back on it

My Hormone Reset can help and support you with your health, mindset, exercise and lifestyle goals.

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