How Are Your Fat Cells Affecting Your Hormone Health?


Why is your body fat so much of a problem now than when you were younger?

Body fat has been found to be an endocrine organ and can control certain things in your body, just like other glands do.

Body fat can control:

  • Inflammation all over your body
  • Your appetite
  • Your metabolism
  • How you use energy
  • How much body fat is stored on your body.  Your body fat wants more body fat!
  • Your blood sugar regulation which can put a stop on fat burning

There are more toxins to deal with now such as EMF’s, computers, mobile phones, more cars on the roads, more processed foods lacking nutrients and vitamins and artificial ingredients.

The food industry gets more complicated by the day and there is so much information on the internet about what foods to eat and avoid, which diet to follow and why.

No wonder that fat on your body is becoming an issue.

You do need some fat on your body.  It is needed to:

Cushion your organs

To line all the cells in your body

To make hormones

To store vitamins

For brain health

To store energy

But, like anything in life, there can be too much of a good thing.  You want the Goldilocks effect, not too little and not too much!

During perimenopause, fat cells can increase naturally.

It can just appear as if overnight!

Yes, annoying right.

A women’s body naturally wants to hold onto fat, it’s made that way.

When your hormone levels decline, your body will want to hold onto fat even more because fat can make your hormones.

Some of us will have more fat than others.

You can work with your hormones to help reduce body fat effectively.

One thing that you can do is to increase your protein intake.

Women need more protein in menopause to help keep muscle mass and keep metabolism high and in fat burning mode.

Give your body the building blocks it needs.

You have a different body now and so need to make a few changes to be able to  maintain your weight.

I have put together my Hormone Reset that gives you the tools you need.

These tools focus on diet, exercise, mindset, lifestyle and toxins.

How to support your body now

Support Adrenal glands and thyroid health

Support a healthy digestion

Support liver health

How you can keep your metabolism high and build strong muscles and bones as you age

Where you can be going wrong in your diet and exercises

How to feel good around food

Get your mindset in the right place and to be consistent.

I run my Hormone Reset every month.

You can find all the details about my Hormone Reset HERE


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