Anxiety happens

You are not messed up and broken. 

If anxiety is left for a long time, it can create a disorder and become a big disruptor to your day to day life.


You can be anxious but this is not anxiety. 

Anxiety can be crippling and paralysing and cause you to make decisions that can put you in dangerous situations.

You can be anxious from day to day and it can be things such as not being able to get what you want at the supermarket for example.

The types of anxiety are:-

  • Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Phobias

Anxiety is the same imbalance for all types. 

You can have things that happen physically, panic disorders, situations etc there are lots of things that can cause anxiety.


  • Hormone imbalance
  • Trauma
  • Diet
  • Sleep issues
  • Brain imbalance


Too much estrogen can increase stress in your nervous system because estrogen has more receptors on the right side of the brain. 

Your brain is split into two sides.  The right side has more receptors for estrogen and the left side is for progesterone and testosterone.  The right side of your brain affects thinking, emotions, colour, stress and handling stress. 

It fires part of your nervous system called the sympathetic fight or flight system.  If it gets fired more than it should, then it will fire up the fight or flight system. 

It can be hard to just stop being anxious because this is happening.  The right side of your brain activity goes crazy and the anxiety can build up. 


There is a reason why you are craving foods.  Your cravings want fats and carbohydrates, refined sugars and chips or chocolate ice cream.  This will give you a quick high from the food and make you feel better.  This is because there is not enough of the feel good neurotransmitters being made in your body and you need these foods to give you relief. 

Your cravings can then create an addiction to the food because you are filling a void that is missing because you don’t feel good.  It is making your anxiety worse in the long run.  These triggers can create lots of different types of issues.

The foods you are craving can be emotionally stabilising for you during times of anxiety.  You can crave salt because your adrenal glands are stressed.  Your stomach will produce serotonin for a brief period of time to help you cope.

But this can lead to more issues long term such as:-

When you increase your sugar intake, this can then increase stress and inflammation

This can lead to a protein deficiency, which causes deficiency in neurotransmitters

When this becomes a way of life for you for a long period of time, it is important to take it slow to begin the process of healing.

You cannot just take away what is keeping you stable right now because this could make your anxiety worse even though the food is part of the problem.  The sugar is balancing your neurotransmitters even if it is making it worse. 

You need to begin to balance things out first, before you can take things out of your diet that is a safety net for you right now.  It can be the one thing that is making you feel “human and normal”.  It may be the one thing that is keeping you alive.

When you begin the process of feeding your body the nutrients it needs, the foods you eat can balance your neurotransmitters and begin the healing process. 

All this takes time, patience and support from your family and friends.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support. 


When the right brain is over active, it is creating the sympathetic dominance fight or flight response.

When you are getting too much stress, this equals too much estrogen, too much sugar, too much estrogen toxins, which results in you being beaten down emotionally. 

The solution to this is:-

  • Get you stable now
  • Feed your body what it needs
  • Get back your stability for long term


What is needed is more balanced hormones by reducing your estrogen levels down. 

Some action steps to do this is to bring more balance into your gut by increasing your water intake, reducing your sugar intake and eating regular nutritional meals.  When you can introduce more nutrient rich meals including protein, this can help to balance out your blood sugar levels and take the pressure off your adrenal glands. 

The next step is to bring more balance to your left brain activity by doing some walking, yoga and journaling.

These activities will help to shut off anxiety and racing thoughts and bring more focus around the present moment and feeling more grounded. 

Brain balancing is key because it will create a long term balance. 

When you can create the habit of doing more “calm” activities into your life, this is called neuro plasticity.  This means that the more you do an activity, the more your brain neurons will fire better.  This can make your brain pathway much stronger.  When this can become a habit, that part of the pathway will function better.


You can have changes in your brains structure by having negative thoughts.  Sometimes this can be a way of life, maybe through negative circumstances during your lifetime, attitudes from others or thinking negatively about yourself.  This can become a downward spiral but it can be rebuilt and changed.  You can begin to take steps to reverse these negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. 

You can change and rebuild your whole neurological system and feed your brain the way it was designed. 

You can make a start right now to get your brain trained to use the other pathway and choose happier thoughts.  What is the most effective way to get started, by journaling! 

When you write down your thoughts and feelings this can be very powerful to find out more about yourself and why you have negative thoughts and a negative life instead of a positive one.  Once you know this, this is when you can really start to make changes for the better. 

Here is a great book all about your brain and emotions:

Caroline Leaf  – Switch On Your Brain


Please note that if you are on any type of medication, you do not want to get off them straightaway.  Do this gradually.  Work with your medical doctor and tell them that you want to make changes.

Your diet is the gas to make all your bodily processes to work better.  You want to support it so it will work better.  If you haven’t got the right support, you are not going to get anywhere.

Start to incorporate these into your life.  Not all at once, as it could become overwhelming.  Start with a few and build up to them all over time. 

  • Daily movement
  • Breathing consistently and intentionally – you want your brain to get the proper oxygen it needs to be healthy
  • Hydration is important so make sure you are drinking enough water with a pinch of added Sea salt for better hydration into your cells
  • Eat protein with every meal to help keep your blood sugar stable
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep and rest
  • Journaling – by getting your thoughts out on paper it will bring to your attention what is going on so you can see it.  You can learn what your triggers are, identify them and you can then begin to stop the triggers
  • Support – get someone to support you through this



Omega 3 found in fish oils or algae are essential for good brain health


Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds

Herbs – Rhodiola Rosea and licorice root


Young Living Mindwise is excellent


Very important for increasing the function to utilise all types of sugar and increases the energy inside your cells.  It can help to protect your brain cells.

Foods rich in COQ10 are:- 

Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, sesame seeds, pistachios, pork, beef, chicken, oranges, strawberries, lentils, sweet potato, egg yolk and butter.

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