Its getting close to the Christmas holidays and you might be thinking about where you will be spending your Christmas and getting all your presents and cards organised.  Where is the tree going to go in the house.  You might also be wondering about what food you will be eating and worrying about how much food you will be eating and how this is going to make you feel?

Try not to get yourself uptight and anxious about all the food that will be around and be pressurised into eating more than you want or eating the wrong types of foods that don’t make you feel good. 

If you are offered chocolates or biscuits as a gift, then accept them with love and thanks.  You don’t have to eat them, you can pass on that gift to someone else or give to a food bank or charity.  That way you are not feeling guilty about not accepting the gift and not eating the gift.  If you are offered food takeaways, then accept them also with love and thanks, but you don’t have to eat them, give them to someone who will benefit from them if you can. 

I want you to enjoy the Christmas holidays and not dread them by worrying about a sugar overload or a food overload or a drink overload, that makes you want to forget about socialising and being with family and friends altogether!

To help with the stress of the Christmas period, make a list of everything now and break it down so you can do a few small things every week leading up to Christmas time. 

Maybe you are organised and already have some presents bought and wrapped.  Well done to you.  The earlier you start the less of a stress it will be and you can enjoy Christmas more when it arrives.  I do enjoy shopping on Christmas Eve though as everyone is festive and full of good wishes for everyone! 

Christmas is a time for sharing, love and caring and I hope that it can be this way for you this Christmas. 

If you know of someone who will be lonely this Christmas, could you offer some time to spend with them or invite them round for a bit of Christmas cheer even if its just for a few hours. 



Food is probably the one thing that is the most stressful.  If you can get a plan in your head of all the food items that you love to eat that make you feel good and know all the foods that do the opposite, you can begin to feel a lot more in control over the Christmas holidays. 

It is the holidays though, and you can indulge in a bit of something of a treat such as mashed potato or a few chocolates, a small slice of your favourite cake or pudding, perhaps. 

Eating a few mince pies and some Christmas pudding is certainly a definite food item to choose from because its Christmas and you only eat them once a year! 

Try and stay away from the dish full of crisps, chocolates or nuts so you are not tempted to put your hand in and eat some out of boredom or just to give your hands something to do. 

Food is associated with feelings and over the Christmas holidays, those feelings can be heightened.  If this affects you, can you find ways to overcome these feelings and stay in control.  Deep breathing or EFT tapping can all help you to relax. 


Eat a good hearty breakfast which includes protein, carbohydrates and good fats.  This could be some porridge with almond butter and fruit and nuts or a pancake with greek yogurt and some berries.  This will fill you up and keep you satisfied and keep you away from munching on crisps and chocolates. 

If you are going to a party and know there will be lots of food there, eat a snack before you go.  This could be a small salad with feta cheese and tahini dressing or an apple with almond butter.  You will not feel as hungry and when you see the food, you will be more in control and your blood sugar will be stable so you don’t feel the need to eat the foods that don’t make you feel good such as sausage rolls, quiches, bread, pasta and sugary cakes and desserts.

Why not make your own food and take this to a party so you know there is something there that you can eat. 

Fill up on fibre, put lots of veggies on your plate first.  These will fill you up so you are not tempted to eat lots of dessert or chocolates. 

You are in control of your own food in your house and if you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it.  Try not to rely on shop bought items and make some of your own food this Christmas.  This way, you know its healthy and you will feel good because you made it.  If you have children, and they eat a few things that you don’t eat, put a name on their cupboard so you knows its their food and not for you to eat. 

Make a decision on what your treats will be during the holidays, write it down so you can be accountable to sticking to your list.  This is important because it is the holidays and you do want to give yourself a treat without going overboard. 


Family is important but get togethers can be stressful and not everyone will get on within families.  A lot of families are broken up now and its not all sunshine and roses around the door like in the movies.  It can leave you feeling stressed out with all the arguing and bickering that can be going on.  This can make you want to reach out for comfort food or drink to cheer yourself up.

Christmas can be a time of reflection and some sadness too when you are thinking about lost loved ones whether they have passed on or they are living a long distance away from you and can’t be with you at Christmas. 

Loneliness at Christmas is very common and there are lots of people who spend Christmas alone and this time of year can be very stressful for those people. 


There is a lot of pressure around how much money you spend.  Trying to figure out what everyone would like for a present and how much to spend on each person.  Trying not to put people into classes and spoiling one over the other. 

If you can’t be with someone at Christmas time, you might want to spend a little more on them to compensate for this. 

You might have been working overtime at work to help with the cost of Christmas which can be an added stressor during this time. 

You might be tempted to spend too much on your credit card, so be careful and keep a check on how much you are spending by keeping a list of presents and how much to spend on each.  Try to keep it to a minimum.  I know its tempting to spend more because there are so many gifts to choose from.

I hope you can try to keep stress to a minimum as much as you can during the Christmas holidays.  Remember to take time out to care for yourself, even if its half an hour to have a relaxing bath or going for a walk in the fresh air to clear your head.


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