We all need to shop for food but how can you do your food shopping for good health and avoid the unhealthy items?

If you shop at a large supermarket, there will be more choices and more items to choose from.

Supermarkets are also providing you with bigger shopping trolleys now so you can get more in them.

Have you got home from shopping and realised that you have purchased some things that were not on your list and you didn’t really need to buy them?

There are so many choices in the larger supermarkets that can make it overwhelming.  You could try shopping at a smaller supermarket so you can focus more on the fruit and vegetable aisles and get to the other aisles easily for your other goods such as the fridge section for your meat, dairy and then your toiletries, washing up liquids etc.

Supermarkets will also strategically place all the essential items after all the other aisles so you have to walk past them and therefore tempting you to buy more than you need.  

Have you noticed that the bread and even the milk section is at the back of the supermarket tempting shoppers to browse all their aisles.  That is if you still buy bread and dairy milk that is!

You will even see offers of bread and biscuits or cakes on offer at the entrance to the supermarket as well.

Always prepare a list of the things that you need. If you only get the things on your list you will then be less tempted to check out other foods that you don’t need.

Don’t go to the supermarket when you are hungry. Most supermarkets now bake their own bread and sweet treats and you will be able to smell them when you enter the supermarket. If you are hungry, these will look more appetising and you are more likely to buy them.

You could go and do your shopping when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.   This way, you are pressed for time and are unlikely to want to look at the other food aisles.  You will be able to stick to your list and only buy what you need.

There are always lots of offers on now in supermarkets because they want to fight to keep you shopping at their store and not to go elsewhere.  Most offers will be at the end of the aisles.  They could include an offer of  buy 1 and get 1 free. This is all well and good if they are those items that are on your list.  This is another tactic to attract you to buy, so be careful here.

Manufacturers spend millions every year making their packaging attractive and are very careful about the wording on their packaging to get you to buy their stuff.

Have you noticed that there are no windows at supermarkets.  This is to block out the outside world to keep you there for longer, lose track of time, be more relaxed and maybe want to buy more.

I hope that you are able to stick to your list and not be tempted to buy more than you need, especially the unhealthy items so you can stay healthy and lean over 40.  

Supermarkets do not have your health and wellbeing in mind, they just want you to spend your money!

Happy shopping everyone!


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