You can no longer get into those favourite pair of jeans. Yes this could be the reason why. Eating too much sugar can cause more belly fat around your mid section. Too much sugar can raise your insulin levels and when you have too much insulin in your blood the body stores it as fat and deposits it in your belly.

You ate lunch an hour ago but you are already thinking about your next meal. When you eat too much sugar you will be craving more food when you get an energy crash. Also too much sugar in your blood can confuse your hunger hormones as well. You have a hormone called grehlin which tells you when you are hungry and the hormone leptin which tells you when you are full and to stop eating. Your hunger hormone will be elevated more than the “Iam full hormone so stop eating” and you will want to eat more than you need.

You are feeling sluggish and drained of energy. If your blood sugar is going high and low then this will cause you to feel sluggish and you will probably be feeling sleepy throughout the day and also be irritable and moody.

You have joint pain. Eating sugar raises your blood sugar and this can release inflammatory messengers in your body called cytokines and this is what is causing your joint pain.

Your teeth health is deteriorating. If you are eating too much sugar then this can cause tooth decay.

You have brain fog and mental lethargy. Too much sugar can cause concentration problems and forgetfulness caused again by inflammation from eating too much sugar. Remember the inflammation cytokines. The ideal situation you want is a slow and continuous burning of sugar for continued steady energy, not the highs and lows that too much sugar can create.

You have just eaten some berries and they didn’t taste very sweet. Too much sugar can actually dull your palate so the berries that should taste sweet, don’t as your sweetness receptors are getting blocked.

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