Cleanse And Renew Your Perimenoause Symptoms In 14 Days


Do You Have A Desire To Be The Best Version Of Yourself?

To Have More Love And Compassion For Yourself?

To Put Yourself First Above Everything Else?

You have everything that you need within you. 

Change starts with you. 

If you are not happy with your life, you can do something about it. 

Starting from today, you can re write your story, heal from your past and your mistakes. 

If you are not fulfilled and truly happy with yourself and take good care of your health, then you are not giving 100% to others and also not living your true potential. 

I am so excited to share with you my new challenge.

This is a 14 day challenge to release and renew your body, mind and soul so you can start to put your best foot forward to really be the best version of yourself in midlife!

This is your chance to release the old and welcome in the new and renew your health and vitality.


You feel unhappy for no reason

You say yes to too many things, when sometimes you don’t want to do them

You don’t feel useful

You can’t seem to accomplish anything

You do not know what you truly want in your life

You are so busy and you don’t have time to focus on your life

You don’t feel good about how you look and feel

You are tired most of the time and lack motivation

You have lost your “get up and go” attitude


More connection with who you are and where you are heading

More inner peace and joy

Know what you want and stay true to your values

Have more flow in your day

Feel at peace with yourself

Take care of your body because you value your health

Let others know how much of yourself you can give

Make time for yourself every day

Do what lights you up inside

Feel more fulfilled every day

Shine like a twinkling star with happiness

Give gratitude for what you have

Know how to be kind and loving to yourself

Eat for nourishment not punishment

Have confidence to try new things

Do not let others influence your thoughts and feelings

Always come from a place of love and not fear

Know that you are not responsible for how others feel and act

Trust and believe in yourself because you have the power to make lasting changes to your life

You are responsible for yourself and your life

You put yourself first and are responsible for your health and happiness

You feel inner calm and tranquillity

You let go of the struggles and frustrations of not getting the results you want


What I mean by “nourishing your soul” is to get into alignment with your true self, identify who you are and what your soul purpose is in life

It is natural for women to be caring and giving and to please family, friends and colleagues. 

Women want to be liked and loved and they think that they have to give so much of themselves to gain that back

What you need to do is to set boundaries and expectations of how much you can give of yourself to others and still have time left for yourself

You are not a bad person for doing this.  You will earn love and respect from others when they know how much you can give and how much they can take of you

You need time to feed and nourish your soul!

Otherwise this can leave you feeling empty inside and worthless.  You can be left unfulfilled with your life and this can lead to mood problems, relationship problems and problems around healthy eating

When you learn to be in true alignment with you and nourish your body and soul, you can feel worthy, empowered and confident

When you have more self love, you will want to eat foods that nourish your body, rather than punish your body.

You will crave the foods that feed your body and soul.

When you eat foods that nourish your body, you are going to feel good and when you feel good, you change the way you look at food and the foods that punish your body no longer interest you.


You will receive a 14 day menu plan to include foods that feed and nourish every cell of your body. 

You will be eating foods that are nutrient dense so you can say goodbye to your cravings and the need to eat unhealthy foods.

Introduce in some intermittent fasting to help your body to revitalise itself and reduce inflammation.

I will be sharing some raw foods for you to make and try.

There will be smoothie recipes to add in more nutrients and increase your immune system

These foods will help you to have more energy

Foods that help you to detox excess hormones and fat stores

Foods that help you to balance your blood sugar levels and hormones

Foods that can help heal your digestion

Also included in the challenge will be:-


A video from me each day for 14 days.


To help you to set your goals and get clear on what you want to achieve in your life and hold yourself accountable and keep on track.


This will help you to identify what can be holding you back in your life and how you view yourself and others


This will help you to assess your own self care and what to do to change it to care for yourself better.  You matter and you should be putting yourself first above everyone else, yes you deserve it, and you are not being selfish!  When you put yourself first, you can give more to others and feel more fulfilled in your life. 


So you can track your success with different areas of your life


A vision board is something that you can create that has all the things that you would like to bring into your life in the future.  In my guide, I explain how you can do this.


What is draining your energy bucket every day?  This guide will help you to identify what your energy drains are so you can get them out of your life.


This little book can help you to use your mind, gratitude and say affirmations so you can get clear on why you want to be the best version of yourself and how you can set your life up with a purpose and meaning and for more love for yourself.

You will receive everything into your inbox along with a daily video from me.


You will receive a copy of my ebooks

  • Creating A Positive Mindset Around Food
  • Clearing Emotions With Essential Oils
  • Build Your Self Awareness

You get all this for the amazing price of £49

After the 14 days, you are going to feel like a new person and want to continue on. 

If, after the 14 days, you feel that you need more help to heal a health issue or you have any questions at all about anything, you can set up a 1 on 1 call with me. 

Send me an email and we can arrange to set this up.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to ask me what you want from the knowledge I have learned about women’s health over the last 10 years +. 

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Do you want to do the challenge and get some one on one private coaching from me?

This will be for 2 x private sessions with me for 1 hour each through a platform such as Skype or Zoom so we can talk face to face.

This is your chance to get more of my focused attention on you. 

I can offer you my support and guidance and be more specific to your needs if you need more indepth help and you are really struggling with making changes, shifts, movement etc to your life.

You will receive everything in the challenge plus the one on one work with me for a special price.

The price will be £269

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